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I’m Spider Chan (Real name Saigh Hoo Chan), a coach and founder of the Spidercise Training System which was the first unique bodyweight focused training program in the North East. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2002 and I literally work with hundreds of individuals and groups in that time.

After 16 years of working with clients, I have found that many people share the same struggle. They think it is a motivational problem. They think it is a nutritional problem. They believe that it is a “not knowing what to do” problem.
But the fact is that you probably know what you NEED to do, but you just can’t seem to do it!
Things would be so much different if you could just find a way to do all the things you WANT to do. Yes, it is possible, and you can create a better life for yourself by discovering that way.

Spider is a certified Tacfit coach he also specialises in VTCT sports therapy, Dip PT, AEKI and B.W.L.A

Imagine how different you would feel about yourself if you finally became proud of who you are, found the fulfillment you were seeking, and started to figure life out?


I am currently in Newcastle upon Tyne and work with a small number of one to one clients. Please contact me via email to arrange a face to face consultation to ensure that you are the right client for my unique training plan. 



  • Personal nutrition support and coaching
  • Weekly private group check in
  • Monthly accountability call
  • Personal coaching on how to handle food and "be in control"
  • A food plan and guide tailored to you and your lifestyle
  • This is perfect if you exercise but you know your eating is letting you down.


  • All the Nutrition Programme PLUS
  • New Monthly "Follow Along" video training programmes
  • Specific equipment based training programme according to where you train
  • Individually planned training schedule and plan specific to you
  • This is a "plug and play" option if you want to know exactly what to do and when to do it without the need to think and plan anytjhing yourself. Simply allow me to guide you in your unique transformation!


  • All the Nutrition and Training program PLUS
  • Direct access to me personally via Skype and Whatsapp enabling you to ask me any questions regarding training and food.
  • A great option if you want to get as much out of me and require the MAXIMUM value.

All above plans include personal coaching with me.


Many people struggle and are frustrated because they are unable to lose fat, build muscle and increase their energy, and even when they do the results are often very short lived that result in pain and injuries.

I offer you my revolutionary system SC20

  • Forget about the excessive joint breaking repetitions, pounding on the treadmill or lifting back breaking weights
  • Forget about the painful injuries from poor designed workouts
  • Forget about the shouting and screaming at you that you need to “work harder”
  • To save you on gym fees
  • To prevent you from weeks and maybe years of frustration of getting no results
  • To prevent you from constant niggling injuries
  • To finally get results from your efforts for optimize your fat burning, muscle building and energy increase

This is something that can be done in the comfort of your own home or on the road, so you just follow the calendar and keep making progress, wherever you are with just your own body-weight

Spider has worked with a huge variety of people and helped every person achieve their goal. 

spidercise exercise
Spidercise result
Spidercise result
Spidercise result

What People Say About Me

Spider is an incredible trainer. He has helped me not only loose weight but have full transformation! 

Matthew Johnson


Health Quote

“If you stick to your current fitness routines and habits, will you get the results you want?”

– Spider Chan

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