metafit is the best way to burn tonnes of calories in the shortest time. This is achieved through 30 minutes of high intensity interval workout using bodyweight exercises that push you beyond your limit. metafit is proven to continue to burn fat for up to 6 more hours after the actual training. A simply fabulous conditioning routine which is complimentary to other strength training and no doubt an effective method to lose weight.

“The great thing about Metafit is that everyone can work to their own pace. You just had to give it your all, whatever level your all might be, and plough through for as long as you can. Only bodyweight exercises were used so you didn’t need to get your head around using different bits of kits and many of the exercises used staple steps as the base, for example, squats or a plank position. This made the workout more accessible. Definitely very high intensity, I loved it, and the constant countdown means you always have an end goal to work towards which is always reassuring when you’re knackered! I would definitely do Metafit again as I am intrigued to see what some of the other workout combinations can offer.”
Katie Gardener of Personal Trainer Magazine

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