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Hi there thanks for dropping by. Find out why I’m committed to the rest of my life to helping you getting the body you are proud of boosting your confidence ending years of weight loss frustration and giving you improved energy, strength and vigour to go through every day full force.

Hey, my name is Spider (aka Paul) more later on how I inherited that name which is now the reason why I’m committed to changing people’s lives.

I’m just a regular guy from the North East of UK; I grew up in a small town called Crook about 30 miles from Newcastle (where I live now).  I had a lot of fun living in Crook as a kid but there was never much to do and healthy lifestyle was never part of my life. I was mainly stuck indoors and was a bit of a “geek”. I liked superheroes (hint) and transformers and my main entertainment was playing fantasy role paying games in the kitchen with a bunch of mates. All I ever did was eat and play with miniature figurines.

What has all this got to do with anything you may be asking? Well I personally know what it feels like to be out of shape. Don’t believe me? Check out my picture when I was a teenager.

You see no one in my family was really health conscious at the time, my brother was massively overweight at the time and so was my oldest sister. I guess I just accepted this way of life and thought this is the way I’m going to look. Everyone one else around me was pretty much the same.

My weight and look carried on like that till late onto my teens I remember I didn’t do any real exercise and had totally disregarded myself and let myself go. I was just getting worse and I was known as the chubby kid. It got worst still when I didn’t get any attention from he opposite sex. I have distinct memories of my friends hooking up with the girls and I always felt left out.

I felt unwanted ugly and of little worth, it was a deep pain which began the process of being obsessed with my self image.

I Was So Anxious I Tried EVERYTHING…

  • Initially I tried loads of running getting up early and started running before eating breakfast(suppose to burn more fat) and did loads of cardio
  • I started lifting weights as everyone told me how to split day workouts do my chest and arms one day and legs another etc.
  • I had even tried super pills and fat burners that claimed to make you ripped.( I can name pretty much every known ‘fat burner’ out there) I did all the mad diets from low carbs low fat high protein to high this to no that.
  • I tried my best to do all the right things I even studied Nutrition for my degree in university.Nothing seemed to work for me.

The thing is I knew something must work, there had to be a way. It was obvious that I was doing something wrong. This catapulted me to discover no matter how hard it was to find the ‘perfect’ solution to rapid fat loss and to get the lean toned body that I wanted.

So for the next 3 years after I graduated from University I dedicated my life into discovering the ‘secrets’ to the perfect fat loss solution. I moved away from Newcastle and travelled to Liverpool and studied more about exercise physiology, sports nutrition managed to get myself around people with similar passions in the field and even had a mentor. I must have spend hundreds of hours reading loads of books and journals and digesting every piece of information I possibly could.

What I discovered was nothing short of scandalous, there is so much junk our there, misinformation and lies. I started to understand why it was so difficult to find the truth about fat loss.

Basically I figured out that everything that I was watching in the media everything that is published in magazines everything the so called fat loss “experts” are saying are complete lies.

I was shocked to find out that basically these massive weight loss companies selling you their products giving you advice in popular magazines and websites providing you miracle solutions are doing just that – their sole purpose is to get you to buy their product – nothing else!

The truth is:

1. In the UK alone the diet and weight loss industry is worth £1 billion a year.  It’s not unknown for individuals to battle weight loss for over 20 years and spend over £200, 000 on weight loss advice, pills, lotions etc.

2. There is no miracle product out there. The appeal of an “easy” or “effortless” solution invites the desperate dieter, waiting for that next breakthrough, playing on emotions. Always ending in failure.

3. The big companies selling fat loss products with amazing claims want you to fall for their adverts. Its a sad truth but they want you to fail and to keep buying their products.

4. The only permanent solution to health and fitness is a proven effective fitness program combined with good no nonsense nutrition which will produce unquestionable results.


This made my angry annoyed and frustrated; I wanted to tell as many people I could about fat loss and shaping their bodies without spending thousands which basically is legalised scam. I soon became a certified personal trainer and sports therapist and it was here that the story of Spidercise begins.

I finally cracked it.

After my certification and years of research on exercise and nutrition, I used my other passion Spiderman and devised what I would say is the most effective fat burning muscle toning program. As I mentioned above I inherited the name ‘Spider’ when I was a kid because basically I simply loved the way Spiderman and the way he moved and looked. I use to always go on about the way he flows and how smooth he was. (Ha I was a kid) Eventually the name stuck and little did I know years later I would use the name my kid passion and develop a fitness program that worked!

I remembered thinking if only I could move like Spiderman and saw a picture similar to this one attempted the pose and wow was it tougher than expected! My joints were stiff my flexibility poor and I couldn’t get my legs to do that. This was after my years of research and study and at this point I was a certified trainer.

Immediately I went on the combine my knowledge Id acquired over the years, my training and put together a simple bodyweight program with little or no weights at all, based on Spiderman’s moves! One of my first ever clients only ever did bodyweight workouts and has significant changed their body shape because of this. I carried on researching lots of weird and wonderful bodyweight moves my inspiration initially began from a fictional comic book hero to real life examples of dance, martial arts, yoga and various forms of grappling techniques. Spidercise (which wasn’t yet named) was born.

Over the past few years of proven research I decided to combine what I call the 6 essential major movement components into my original bodyweight program to fully develop Spidercise version 1.0. These 6 movements are called the ‘web’ (cool isn’t it?) and comprises of:


  • 1 leg stance
  • Squat
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Bend-to-extend
  • Rotation


This was the beginning of something special because at this point I was still on my personal quest of getting

the lean toned body I wanted.  I started using my original ideas incorporating bodyweight training and use of various  equipment and finally I achieved the body I am proud of, improved my quality of life, dropped loads of fat and sculpt my body into lean muscle.

Just look at the results I got…. This was me in Spain after climbing a mountain and I even did Spidercise here too.

This was the point in my journey that I wanted to help others do exactly what I had done myself. Transform their bodies and live a better life.

I had lots of success with my clients at the point and Spidercise was beginning to work its magic. However I was horrified to see many other trainers throughout the years actually cheat clients and often leave them in worst shape, you often even see trainers speak on their phones and even pay little or no attention at all, watch the gym TV screens, being late for appointments and the list goes on.

Check out my blog a which points out certain things you must look out for when employing a trainer.


The poor quality of trainers out their and clients knowing very little yet continue paying good money but not getting results is the main purpose I wanted to start Spidercise Body Transformation. I did not want poor quality trainers give a bad image to personal training.  And so this leads us up to present day 2010.

So far Spidercise has changed lives, rapidly helped people drop fat in record time without the weight piling back on.

Later in the year we’ll have the revolutionary Spidercise 21 day rapid fat loss program with all your workouts and nutrition sorted for you available.

I am excited to see what the future has in store for Spidercise and I appreciate you all for your support and for being a part of this powerful journey.

It gives me pleasure if there is anything I can do to help you reach your goals.

I often use this saying.

“Those who say they can and those who say they cant are often right” Confucius

We go here our dreams take us. Stay Strong.

Spider (Paul) Chan

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