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"Who Else Wants To Drop 7 Pounds and 2 Inches Off Your Hips, Butt And Thighs - Even If You're Super Busy- And Without Dieting?"
Raise Your Hand If You are SICK And TIRED Of Struggling With..)
  • Problem areas that just wont shift (like those wobbly bits)
  • Your embarrassing belly bulge
  • Your local gyms that make you feel "its not working"..
  • Diets that don't work and you know it!
  • Having to count calories and restrict yourself of enjoying your food.
  • Switching off your stress hormones that makes you store fat
  • Having your "normal" jeans become "skinny" jeans!
  • Being frustrated with finding a workout that really works!
Dear Friend,

My name is Spider Chan and I want to be totally honest with you. I have had issues with my self image and I used to put on weight very easily. In fact, I can remember when I secretly threw my lunch away when I was a kid and my mum thought I late at school. I did't. I remember the time I went to a department store and tried on a cool tee shirt.

Then it happened.

I caught a glimpse of my body in one of those angled mirrors and was horrified. I couldn't believe that I had slowly gotten so out of control. Over the next several weeks I spiralled down into a deep depression. After a while I had decided to just give up and accept that this is the body I am stuck with for the rest of my life.

But then I accidentally stumbled upon an incredible fitness formula... It worked a miracle for me and later hundreds of others.
  • I openly admit that my Spidercise Training System does not have magical fat melting and body toning powers even though it may seem like it does.
  • And what's more is that I uncovered my Unstoppable Fitness Formula mostly by accident.
I'll let you in on how that happened in just a moment... Let me explain...
I feel your pain. I used to go through the same thing!
Check out some of the results we get...
(these are all clients I personally trained)
Not only had these amazing people TOTALLY transformed their bodies in 6 weeks, but they did it during Christmas and New Year and any other eat-anything-you-want occasion you can think of. So it got me thinking...

If these guys could shed a TON of body fat in 6 weeks using my programs...and do it all during the holiday season...why couldn't ANYONE do the same thing, see the same results, and still get to indulge in the holiday feasts and not feel like they were giving up all the holiday fun?
So I tested....and tweaked...and experimented.
And what I came up with delivered even better results than I could have ever hoped for.
Not only was I able to design a program that fires up even the slowest of metabolisms, melts off body fat at warp speed.
Check out some of the results we get...
Imagine results like these... in just 28 Days!
Finally, Thanks To Spidercise... You No Longer Have To Deal With ANY Of That Ever Again!
  • No More Diets, Just a few "simple" nutritional guidelines... You'll melt away the rest with the 847 calorie burning workouts.
  • Our new training system will neutralize your stress, causing your fat hormones to "shut down" so you'll stop storing fat, especially in your stomach, hips and thighs.
  • Spidercise fuses cardio, Weights and abs all into one workout... You'll save time by burning fat, toning muscle and getting a flat stomach all at once.
  • Thanks to our in-door environment and joint-friendly floors, gone are the day of cold mornings, wet grass and soggy trainers!
  • You get the fat melting benefits of cardio while having fun, and NOT getting on boring machines. (How cool is that?)
  • Our coaches are serious about pushing and motivating you, so you'll get that strong, toned body that you've signed up for...
Stop And Think About This For A Minute
Can you picture how strong, toned and healthy you're going to look and feel, now that you no longer have to struggle with:
  • Impossible diets
  • Long boring workouts
  • Cold parks, bad weather and wet grass
  • Boring cardio
  • Needing to be pushed and motivated

Before coming to Spidercise, I had 2 children and lost a lot of my confidence about the way I looked and felt. Complications during my second pregnancy made it difficult for me to walk and my fitness levels became very low and I put on over 4 stone of excess weight!
I hated the way I looked and felt and it affected my ability to play with my kids. The turning point came when a friend asked me to be a bridesmaid, i went for a dress fitting and was horrified at the size I gotten to. Something had to be done.
I looked around and saw Spidercise and decided to give it a go. I had lots of options but decided Spidercise because i liked the idea of semi private training in small groups and the results driven guarantee.
The first time I came I was really nervous and expected to be the worst performer there, after being so sedentary for so long. Everyone was so helpful friendly and supportive, it really encouraged me and gave me the strength to push myself when I thought I couldn't.
Now I could not imagine not coming to Spidercise, Ive made good friends, the atmosphere is brilliant my fitness has improved to levels more than I could ever have imagined. Im looking better than ever and have enough confidence to face any challenge!
It has changed my life!
If you have any questions I will be happy to talk to you.
Georgina North Shields.

I have been Spidercising for 12 weeks and in 12 weeks my body has turned from flab and fat to a lean, mean and toned machine. Plus I look great in my slim fitted shirts now!
My results from just 12 weeks of Spidercising are as follows:
I've lost 3 inches from my waist
I've lost my love handles
My stomach is flat and solid
My legs, chest and arms are toner and stronger than ever before.

My energy levels has tripled

I can focus longer

I am very much a happier individual!

My reasons for joining Spidercise were that at the end of August 2011 I was very unhappy with my health and the way I looked. I was fed up with myself as I was constantly drained from life, I had no energy and I looked shabby, fat and a shadow of my true self.

Salvation came when I saw the proof in the pudding from some friends that had Join Spidercise in 2010, they looked great now, one friend had lost a stone and was ripped, the other was a mother of two and that had been doing Spidercise for 6 months and now she looked younger and fresher than she ever did before her kids.

Both friends said Spidercise is fun but is hard work, however the results speak for themselves, so I thought I'll give it a go.

After 12 weeks I can whole heartily say Spidercise WORKS, its results driven, without damaging your health like those silly diets or gruelling 4 hour endurance sessions in the gym, its simple just 45MINS and that is all you need to look and feel fantastic!

Spidercise becomes addictive as due to the nature of the training it makes you achieve success that the average mind and body is not use to, therefore this gives the individual a breakthrough of confidence and the desire to strive and continue.

One of Spidercise philosophy is simple Success is built upon Success and in each session of Spidercise everyone succeeds!

Spidercise session is also fun; it incorporates a community of likeminded people from all walks of life who are constantly encouraging each other on and off the sessions.

I furthermore cannot speak highly of the trainers too they are second to none; they are very passionate in helping you to succeed and they aim to get you the results that you dared to dream.


Spidercise has also given me the chance to achieve something that is of great value- and that is happiness within myself, it has increased my self-confidence, self-esteem furthermore it has aided me in functioning drastically better in life. It could be the endorphins speaking from the tearing High Intensity 45 minute sessions!

Finally Spider the CEO says you either trade up in life or you trade down in life, well for me 45mins a day of Spidercise results in to feeling amazing, looking amazing and being more energised. is a fantastic trade up!

I can't recommend Spidercise highly enough.. Simple everyone should do it!

Matthew Ng

Try my amazing unstoppable fitness formula for a full 21 days.
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Look at those before / afters again, they COMPLETELY transformed their bodies Now it's your turn!!

Tell you what.


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Here's how that works: Grab your spot. (You do that by hitting the button that says "Reserve Your Spot" and completing your order).


You'll get started on the entire system

Come to the classes. Follow my nutrition program. Complete the program. If you feel I haven't lived up to my word-- every single word on this website-- just ask for your money back.



No attitude. No excuses. Just a refund. That's how real this is.


I'm not forcing anyone to be a member of this program.


It works, it's been proven to work for almost anyone (regardless of situation or experience)... and I'm as certain as I can be that it will work for you, too.


However, this is all about movement and tackling the keys to success. If that doesn't work for you, you have an "out" with this unconditional guarantee.

Congratulations, You Got In! Just One More Quick Thing To Confirm
Your 21days Personal Training Trial 21 POUNDS
YES! I want to test drive the Spidercise Formula for your NO RISK 21 day trial. I want to see first hand how fun, energizing and fat-melting the Spidercise workouts are. Simply enter your email below and click "Get Fit Now!" to get 21 days of Spidercise. Or text (07810)793020 to confirm your spot.
P.P.P.S. If my Spidercise System can melt off all your excess fat... Get you defined, flat, hard abs... Give you sleek defined shoulders and arms... really sexy legs and a nice butt... a defined chiselled back...and then increase your health by 200% extending your life as well as the quality of it... and make you feel super confident about your body and look great in the clothes that you wear (and the clothes that you currently can't wear)
you will do all that for just 6.63 a day... would you say that was a bargain? Would you do it?
Try my unstoppable fat loss formula for 21 days trial offer for 21 POUNDS
Congratulations, You Got In! Just One More Quick Thing To Confirm
Your 21days Personal Training Trial 21 POUNDS
YES! I want to test drive the Spidercise Formula for your NO RISK 21 day trial. I want to see first hand how fun, energizing and fat-melting the Spidercise workouts are. Simply enter your email below and click "Get Fit Now!" to get 21 days of Spidercise. Or text (07810)793020 to confirm your spot.
P.P.P.P.S. Ps. better to invest just 6.63 a day in your toned, healthy body then hundreds of in BIGGER clothes.
P.P.P.P.P.S. An interesting point: 30 days from now you'll either be a month older and possibly a few pounds heavier, or, you can be a 5-10 pounds lighter and 30 days closer to your fitness goal.
You decide which on you would rather be one month from now. Make sure you make the right choice and call 07810-793020 and start your
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